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Bloodborne Pathogens - Instructor Led




1 hour


About the Course

The primary purpose of the American Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogens Training course is to teach participants how to protect themselves and others from exposure to bloodborne pathogens on the job, and what to do if an exposure occurs. The course content and activities will prepare participants to make appropriate decisions about preventing bloodborne pathogen disease transmission.

The course addresses:

■ What bloodborne pathogens are.

■ How bloodborne pathogens are spread.

■ How to help prevent exposure incidents by following work practice controls, using engineering controls and personal

protective equipment (PPE), practicing good personal hygiene and properly cleaning and disinfecting equipment and


■ How to recognize, report and follow up on employee exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials

Your Instructor

James Jauregui

James Jauregui

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